We are a small family breeding program located about 10km north of Sudbury, Ontario. We believe that our dogs are not only our pets but an important part of our family. All of our puppies are home raised and have extensive exposure to many other pets, children and adults.We trust that with proper care, nutrition, exercise and training you will have a dog that will bring you plenty of love and joy for many years to come. Our family has over 25 years experience breeding great quality dogs including breeds such as Cocker Spaniels, German Shepherds and Cairn Terrier’s.

As you may be aware, Doodles have become quite the popular breed due to the gain in coat quality (low to non shedding) however we found them to be quite large. We really have enjoyed all the benefits of these mini doodles as they are much smaller than the Standard Doodle. Benefits of mini’s:

  • The mini doodles range from about 20-40lbs
  • The petite doodles range from about 10-20lbs
  • Low to non-shedding, great pets for those with allergies
  • Non aggressive, loyal, social, intelligent
  • Great with other pets and children
  • Easy to train

Information regarding Doodle generations:

F1: product of Golden Retreiver/Labrador Retriever and Poodle Coat type: light to non shed, mild allergies   F1B first generation backcross: product of golden doodle and poodle, resulting in dog being ¼ retriever or lab and ¾ poodle. Coat type: very light to non shed, moderate to severe allergies   F2 second generation doodle: product of doodle bred to doodle Coat type: varies upon coat type   F2B second generation backcross: product of doodle (F1) to doodle backcross (F1B) Coat type: very light to non shed, moderate to severe allergies