Micha (retired)

Micha is a 28lbs F2b labradoodle (second generation backcross: product of Denver & Levi). Micha carries traits from both her parents which makes for a great well rounded dog. She is great with children and is constantly looking for new friends.

Micha lives in a Guardian Home.



Kaia is a very small 16lbs miniature doodle F2B double doodle (second generation backcross: product of Lily & Levi). Kaia is extremely agile and intelligent, she is the perfect blend of her mom and dad. She is very playful and gets along great with other animals.

Kaia lives in a Guardian Home.




Gabanna is a 45lbs F2 double doodle (cross between F2B labradoodle and F1B goldendoodle). Gabanna has such a gentle soul and is very eager to please. She loves spending her time in the kennel greeting clients and watching her mom groom dogs. When she is outside, she becomes a different dog, full of energy and runs around everywhere. Her temperament is a great balance between playful and calm.


 Denver (retired)

Denver is a 40lbs miniature labradoodle FB1 (cross between Standard Labradoodle F1 and Miniature Poodle). Denver is a happy, extremely loyal, fun loving girl. She is definitely high energy and enjoys spending her time outdoors looking for someone who will play with her. She absolutely loves playing fetch and swimming and definitely possessed several “lab” traits.




Lily is a 30lbs miniature golden doodle F1 (cross between Golden Retriever and Miniature Poodle). Lily is our big suck. She has a very gentle spirit and loves to cuddle. Lily is very obedient and was our easiest to train.


 Levi (retired)

Levi is a 45lbs miniature labradoodle F1 (cross between Standard Labrador Retriever and Miniature Poodle). Levi is our very special little man. He is extremely loving and outgoing. His favorite pastime is following the kids around at our barn and looking for new friends.