Owning a dog is a huge responsibility for any family. At the very least you can count on feeding, training, veterinary care, boarding, grooming etc.

Most people owe it to themselves and their dogs to take these things into serious consideration before they get their puppy. We firmly believe that obedience classes save puppies and dogs lives. Many people whom have never trained a dog before need help and guidance in steering their puppy in the right direction. As well, each and every behavioural program can help correct behavior problems starting with basic obedience. Another plus to obedience classes is that they are the perfect avenue to begin your puppies socialization in a well controlled environment. Extreme and early socialization is the only way to ensure our dogs will grow up to be acceptable, loved, and respected companions in our families today.

Karen McAlpine is the owner operator of Timberlock Resort for Dogs, located at our family’s farm and residence in Blezard Valley, ON. The services offered at Timberlock range from Bed and Biscuit, accommodations for dogs while their owners are vacationing, full grooming services and most importantly obedience classes. One on one behaviour consults are also offered to help solve behaviour problems as well as puppy jump starts for people bringing new puppies into their families. Group obedience classes are conducted year round.